Winter is coming…..

You may or may not be a Game of Thrones fan, but winter will be, unfortunately, with us sooner than we may think.  So over the forthcoming days and weeks we want to provide information that will be of use to you such as tips on how to prepare for winter.  This will help to keep your businesses operating effectively in what could be difficult weather and enable us all to continue to provide care to those most in need.

We are looking to build on the information we provided last year, but if in the meantime there is anything specific you want us to cover, or feel that you need assistance with then please contact or telephone 01603 223061.

Free Flu Vaccinations

Letting you know more about the National Flu Campaign and helping towards our Winter Planning.

NHS England has recently published guidance about who will be eligible this Winter for free influenza vaccine.

The aim of this campaign is to get as many Health and Social Care staff working with vulnerable older people vaccinated. It is targeted at staff employed by a registered residential care/nursing home or registered domiciliary care provider and health and care staff employed by a voluntary managed hospice provider, who are directly involved in the care of vulnerable patients/clients aged 65 and over.

The NHS campaign is just starting but a core message is the sooner you have your vaccination, the more effective it will be. You can ask your local pharmacist or GP for the free flu vaccination. They may want to see some proof that you work providing care for older people.

For Care Home (and Home Care) Owners and Managers, your staff may need a letter giving the following information to make sure that they can get the free vaccination.  To help you just click on this link —a template is available.

Please also consider displaying this Public Health England poster on flu outbreaks in care homes prominently in staff areas.

Norfolk Integrated Community Equipment Services (ICES) Demonstration Day

For those of you who were unable to attend the demonstration day in January and for anyone who would like to attend there is good news. ICES are holding an additional Community Equipment Demonstration day on Monday 15th October 2018 at Holiday Inn, Norwich Airport, NR6 6JA.

The purpose of the day is to upskill home care agency staff/trainers on the products that Community and Acute Hospital Occupational Therapist, Physiotherapist and Nurses maybe prescribing to service users/patients in the community.

This is a free event and tea and coffee will be provided throughout the day, however lunch is not provided.

The day will start at 9am for registration and Coffee/Tea for a 9.30am start.  Followed by:

Faye Gower-Smith ICES Clinical Consultant will give a short presentation on ICES and the outline of the day.
Melanie Sturman Moving and Handling Lead for Norfolk County Council will give a presentation on Adult social care referral pathways and the reduced handler care project.

The rest of the day will then involve breakout sessions in the following subjects:-

  • Session1: Standard profiling bed, features of the bed and how it works with dynamic pressure care mattress
  • Session 2: Reduced handler care: How to use WendyLett sheets/hoists.
  • Session 3: Pressure care: How do the Repose cushions, mattress/ Active premier 2 mattress really work?
  • Session 4: Managing the plus size person (Bariatric bed, mattress, WendyLett sheets, hoists)

The day will conclude with a questions section and end for 4pm.

Please can you complete the information form below for any delegates that would like to attend; places are available on a first come first served basis.

If you would like to attend the Community equipment Demonstration day on Monday 15th October 2018 at Holiday Inn, Norwich Airport, NR6 6JA, please complete the form below for each person and email it to:  You will receive confirmation via email.  However, please note, places are available on a first come, first served basis.

Delegate Name  




Job Role  


Contact email  


Contact Number  


Office use only



Place available/not available

Confirmation sent to delegate



Nominations open on 3rd September 2018 for The Norfolk Care Awards

We want to make sure you all know about the Norfolk Care Awards.  The Norfolk Care Award team are pleased to announce nominations for the
6th Norfolk Care Awards which are now open and the closing date is on the 16th November 2018.
Claire Gilbert and Tracy Wharvell from the Norfolk Care Awards team, says:
‘It is incredible to think this is our sixth year of putting on this event, which
raises the profile of working in care, and supporting people to live their lives.
We are humbled and impressed each year when we visit services – there is
some great practice in Norfolk. We organise this event to give something back
to the sector that we are both extremely proud to be part of, it gives us the
opportunity to say a big ‘Thank You’ to all the unsung heroes.
This event could not take place without the support of organisations who
understand the importance of the work undertaken in social care. We are
delighted that Gordon Barber Funeral Homes, Cozens Hardy, UEA, City
College Norwich, Athena Care, Norse Care, Libby Ferris Flowers, National
Care Association, Norfolk County Council, Ashton Legal, Anglian Training and
Boots recognises the care sector’s fantastic workforce by supporting this
Michelle from Cozens Hardy said ‘Claire and Tracy’s enthusiasm and drive to
recognise excellence in the care sector is utterly contagious! These awards
offer a wonderful opportunity for local businesses to give something valuable
back into their communities’
Norfolk County Council is delighted to once again support the Norfolk Care
Awards. We want to celebrate the great work carried out every day by
Norfolk’s carers and care providers. It is important to acknowledge the
expertise and commitment of carers and we are proud to be sponsoring two
awards: the Team Award and the Harold Bodmer Award. We have introduced
a special bursary, of £1000, for the award winner of the categories we are
sponsoring, which is for the further education and training for the award
winners and their organisation.
The Norfolk Care Awards, will take place at Sprowston Manor on 21st
February 2019, and will be ‘streamed live’, to ensure everyone across Norfolk
can celebrate with you.
To make a nomination visit
The Norfolk Care Awards have 10 categories:
 Delivering excellence through learning and development
 Effective coordination of End of Life care
 Excellent person centred care and support
 Excellence in Delivering Dementia Care
 Collaborative Partnership
 Motivational leadership
 Promoting dignity and respect in everyday life or unpaid carer
 Rising Star
 Team Award – Together Everyone Achieved More
 Harold Bodmer Outstanding Achievement Award
Media enquiries:
Norfolk Care Awards
Claire Gilbert
Tel: 07584047996

NCC Provider Portal changes

Norfolk County Council have provided the following communication for Home Support providers:

Dear Provider,

We are making significant changes to the Provider Portal that will improve your experience.

We are aware that providers in the home support market have experienced issues with the Portal, ranging from the speed at which new packages of care are authorised and published on the Portal to problems clearing payment lines at the end of each period and how we use the Conversations facility. The following outlines the work we have undertaken so far in response to these and other issues, and the improvements you will be seeing in the coming weeks and months.

We acknowledge that some of these issues require further attention. Senior management in Adult Social Services takes this situation very seriously and is dedicated to working closely with providers to better understand these issues and their solution. We are committed to producing an efficient and effective end-to-end process for the entire market, and are therefore encouraged by the benefits that providers have experienced since the Portal’s launch, from greater visibility of documentation to quicker payments once information has been submitted. However, we recognise that issues remain and we are redoubling our efforts to resolve them.

Conversations and Communicating with Brokerage Service

We understand there have been issues with the acknowledgement of Conversations within the Provider Portal. We have made some changes to the way we work recently, and hope you will see a notable improvement in speed of response and the explanations we provide when closing Conversations.

We are committed to using the Conversations facility within the Portal as your main route into our Brokerage Service. Along with providing a record of our interactions the information we share with each other here encourages transparency and electronic working. You should use Conversations to interact with the Brokerage Service, be it to raise termination notices or request a change to the level of a care package. Brokerage Service will take such requests forward with the appropriate social work teams that hold the authority to agree any changes.

Contracts and Commencing Care Packages

There have been delays in getting care package documents onto the Provider Portal, and in some cases ensuring they reflect current contracts. We have focused on guaranteeing that where service users are under framework provisions, the contracts and care package details accurately reflect this on the Portal. You should see this resolved very shortly.

If you notice a change to a contract on the Portal, this will have been either at the instruction of a social work team or because of an annual fee uplift. In the case of an operational team decision please contact Brokerage Service via a Conversation if you are unsure as to why there has been a change.

If you need to report any contracts that should be on the Portal but are not, please escalate your issue to the Brokerage Service. Our position remains that care commences once documentation has been received. If documentation remains outstanding, Brokerage Service will resolve this with social work teams. Please contact Brokerage Service through the Conversation facility in the Portal – or in urgent cases contact the Brokerage Service manager directly ( or 01603 729231)

New Accept/Reject Functionality

Until now all your packages of care have been in the ‘Published’ list within the Contract Documents area of the Portal. As such you have had to search through all of your packages to find which ones have recently been added to the Portal. We are improving the way you can see and filter packages of care in this area, as well as adding new functionality for accepting and rejecting packages. This will reduce the time it takes to find newly published contracts, as well as giving you the ability to leave a comment for our Brokerage Service on why you might need to reject a package.

You will now have the option to accept or reject these packages. If the Care Package Line Item shows correctly, and you are happy with it, you can accept the package by clicking on the ‘Accept’ button. Once you have accepted the document, the package of care will be available straight away for you to invoice on the Portal.

If you are unhappy with the document, for example it shows an incorrect rate or incorrect hours, you will now be able to reject the document by clicking the ‘Reject’ button. When rejecting a contract document you must specify a reason as to why. This way our Brokerage Service will know how to amend the document before republishing it to the Portal.

For us to roll out this change we will need to agree all packages of care that have previously been published on the Portal. This is an operation that we will perform, and as a result you will see all packages that are currently agreed move from the ‘Published’ list to the ‘Agreed’ list. Do not worry if you have existing packages of care that you believe are incorrect. You will be able to dispute these incorrect packages by contacting the Brokerage Service through the Conversations area of the portal and requesting that a contract be amended.


Clearing Payment Lines

In order to move between payment periods you need to ensure that you clear all of your payment lines by invoicing for them. If there are any unresolved payment lines you will not be able to move to the next period. If there is a payment line you do not recognise or understand you should contact Financial and Exchequer Services by calling 01603 495702 (option 1), and the team will resolve the issue to allow you to move forward.

Reporting Technical Issues

If you experience any performance issues with the Portal please report them via email to Ryan Blackwell ( and we will respond to you within two working days. Please note however that the system is designed to automatically log you out after 10 minutes of inactively as an intended security feature.

If you have questions or concerns regarding any of these changes to the Provider Portal please contact Financial and Exchequer Services on 01603 495702 (option 1). If for any reason you are at risk of insolvency due to issues with the Portal please contact Steve Holland ( immediately to discuss.

Kind regards,

Norfolk County Council

Norfolk Medicines Support Service: Medication Training 2018

Medication administration courses for home care workers are now available. 

The courses are open to those working in domiciliary care, supported living, reablement, housing with care, day services.

Courses cover:

  • Medication Policy and Safety
  • Administration of medication
  • Handling of Medicines
  • MAR Charts


There are 2 levels of course:

  • Initial Medication (Home Care) Training
  • Refresher Medication (Home Care) Training


Initial Medication Training (full day)

Who can attend?

This course is aimed at care and support workers who will need to handle and administer medication as part of their role. Workers should be working in a home care setting. Initial Medication Training is suitable if you have never done NMSS training before, or want a full days’ knowledge and content.


Refresher Medication Training (half day)

Who can attend?

This course is aimed at care and support workers who have already undertaken NMSS training and need a refresher on core knowledge and skills in order to remain compliant with the Medication Policy for home care. Workers should be working in a home care setting.

Refresher training should be undertaken at least every three years (two years for NCC workers).


How to book

A leaflet with more information and a booking form is available here.

For dates and venues of training courses please click here.

If you have any queries, you can contact the Medicine Support Service in the following ways:

Telephone: 01603 217633.


Post to: Medicines Support Service, County Hall, Floor 4, Martineau Lane, Norwich, NR1 2SQ.

NSAB Survey on Adults Safeguarding: are we doing enough?

A survey to understand safeguarding concerns in Norfolk is to be launched on Monday 11 June.  The independent Norfolk Adult Safeguarding Board, which is made up of agencies working together to tackle abuse, want to hear from as many people as possible to get a clear picture of how best to protect vulnerable adults.

Joan Maughan, independent chair of the Safeguarding Adults Board, said: “This is a great opportunity to really find out how people and organisations recognise all the different types of abuse and neglect that can happen to any vulnerable adult from any background. It is crucial that we regularly review how we provide safeguarding services to ensure we support and protect vulnerable adults effectively.”

The ‘Keeping Adults Safe from Abuse and Neglect’ survey is anonymous.  No one will be identified by their answers and participation is voluntary. Participants can skip questions or opt out entirely.

The 2016-17 annual report shows that:

The type of abuse remains largely the same as previous years, with physical abuse the most common type across both genders, as well as being more common against men than women.

There was an increase in the proportion of suspected sexual abuse for both genders from 2015-16, currently representing 13% of the abuse against women. The proportion of financial or material abuse decreased for both genders, along with decreases in domestic violence and discriminatory abuse.

In 2016 an adults safeguarding survey of 752 people showed that, if they had witnessed any kind of adult abuse and were prepared to report it:

  • 77% would contact the Police
  • 17% would contact Norfolk Safeguarding Adults Board
  • 57% would contact Norfolk County Council
  • 05% would tell a carer/support worker
  • 66% would tell a friend or family member

However, another 123 people would not have reported a form of abuse that they had personally witnessed with 53% declaring that they would not have known where to report the incident.

This follow-up survey will help to inform the Norfolk Safeguarding Board whether people in Norfolk have an increased understanding and whether previous campaigns have resonated with the public.

The link to the survey can be accessed on the home page of the Norfolk Adult Safeguarding Board: here.

Link for survey here.

The closing date is Monday 9 July at 5pm.


Flyers for the survey are available as a poster and postcards.


Adult abuse or neglect can happen to any vulnerable adult from any background.  It can happen anywhere and be carried out by anyone.

If anyone is concerned about a vulnerable adult, they should contact Norfolk County Council on 0344 800 8020 or the police on 101.  In an emergency, you should always ring 999.


Norfolk Adults Safeguarding Board

Safeguarding is preventing the physical, emotional, sexual, psychological and financial abuse of adults who have care and support needs, and acting quickly when abuse is suspected. It can also include neglect, domestic violence, modern slavery, organisational or discriminatory abuse.

Adult Social Services is the lead organisation in preventing and identifying possible abuse, and as part of this work it hosts Norfolk’s Safeguarding Adults Board.

For more information about the board, please click here.