Independent Provider Forum – minutes from 7th December 2017

The notes for the Independent Provider Meeting held on Thursday 7th December 2017 can be found here: IPF minutes 7 Dec 2017

There were a number of presentations at the meeting, information about these can be found below:

Links to demonstration videos about the Provider Portal are available on the blog here: Provider Portal demonstration videos

More information about Don Leggett’s Market Engagement work: Market engagement

The NCC Business Resilience team have a website here: Business Resilience team

Dave Rimmer also flagged the following websites during his presentation:

Met Office weather warnings

Environment Agency

BERG – Emergency resilience

If you have any comments on the content or accuracy of these minutes please don’t hesitate to contact Polly Cobb at who will be able to update or correct them as necessary.

Winter Business Resilience Planning – Helping Clients Stay Well This Winter

We’re in the midst of winter now, but it’s not too late to look at your Business Continuity Plans and check that they are fit for purpose.  We know that January and February can bring the most severe cold weather and challenges for your businesses.

Business Continuity is about protecting three main areas of your business:

  • Safeguarding people
  • Safeguarding your assets
  • Safeguarding your processes

Staying Warm and Well

Ensuring that the people you look after are adequately warm over winter can increase their chances of staying well this winter.  Being cold can make health conditions worsen, particularly respiratory and heart problems.

Following the actions below can help to keep people you look after warm and well:

  • try to keep the house heated to at least 18C, drawing curtains as soon as dusk falls and closing doors to block draughts where necessary
  • find out if your service user can get the flu jab for free on the NHS, and encourage them to get this
  • ensure they are dressed in several layers of clothes rather than one chunky layer – clothes made from cotton, wool or fleecy fibres help to maintain body heat.
  • see if they can use a hot water bottle or electric blanket to keep warm in bed – but don’t use both at the same time
  • check they are having at least one hot meal a day – eating regularly helps keep you warm; and make sure they have hot drinks regularly
  • ensure they wear shoes with a good grip to help prevent falls
  • check whether they are able to be active – even those with limited mobility may be able to do chair-based exercises like moving arms and legs or wiggling toes to generate heat to keep them warm.
  • Ensure they are keeping their hands clean and keeping surfaces clean (telephones, door handles etc) to stop germs spreading


NHS and CCG advice

The Norfolk County Council, NHS and CCG websites also host a lot of advice about how to stay warm and well this winter.  The links to these sites can be found below:

Norfolk County Council:


Great Yarmouth &Waveney CCG:

North Norfolk CCG:

Norwich CCG:

South Norfolk CCG:

West Norfolk CCG:

Winter Capacity Incentive Payments – eligibility period extended

Norfolk County Council has been working closely with home support providers to try and ensure that Norfolk has the home support provision it needs over the winter period – as a result of this work we have identified that paying home support providers a premium for picking up new care packages over this pressured time would support both the people coming out of hospitals and those carers who are providing care.

We understand the difficulties of operating as a care provider or working as a carer during the winter holiday period and want to recognise that by offering a financial premium.  This premium will now be available up to and including Wednesday 31 January 2018.

To find out more about how this will work and when this premium will be paid, please see our page here:

Reminder: Fantastic opportunity for new registered managers in Norfolk

Just a reminder that Skills for Care wants to work with new registered managers in Norfolk as part of an exciting 12-month pilot, starting in April 2018.

A cohort of 10-12 new managers in the county, participating in the pilot will be supported to develop their confidence, knowledge and skills over 12 months. Every manager participating will also have the opportunity to engage with, and learn from, peers.

Places on this pilot are being offered at no cost and participants will be expected to commit to the full duration of the pilot.

Skills for Care are looking for people new to the registered manager role who, at the point of applying, have been in post for 12 months or less.

Managers taking part will:

  • participate in a programme of tailored Skills for Care events and webinars
  • benefit from peer support from other new managers in their area
  • tackle issues, challenges and opportunities through action learning
  • become registered manager members of Skills for Care

To find out more contact your Skills for Care locality manager, Fran Woodall on 07770 488 953 or by email:

To apply you need to email for an expression of interest form and return it by the deadline of 28 February 2018.

Reminder: Improving integrated ways of working across health and social care.

Just a reminder that NCC Commissioners are inviting Home Support providers who would like to participate in a workshop, aimed at exploring better ways of working across health and social care, to come forward and express an interest in this work.

The workshop will look at the issues around integrated ways of working across the two public systems, including trying to establish more clear definitions about which home support tasks fall under either health or social care.  An aim from the work will be to compile a list defining different duties – which will be informed by providers’ experience and views.

Initial expressions of interest should be sent to by Friday 12th January. Details of the actual work shop will follow soon after, once the level of interest is clear.

Compassionate Communities Workshop – 18th January 2018

The Lord-Lieutenant’s Palliative Care Forum are holding a Compassionate Communities Workshop.

The aim of the event is for non-statutory organisations to discuss the potential barriers and solutions to implementing Compassionate Communities in Norfolk and Waveney.

Presenters at the workshop will include Dr Libby Sallnow, Guy Peryer (Lecturer in Health Studies at the UEA) and Jonathan Clemo (CEO of Community Action Norfolk).

The workshop is on Thursday 18th January at 9:30am – 1:00pm at Taverham Village Hall

If you would like more details or to request a place at this event please email


The Lord-Lieutenant’s Palliative Care Forum launched a quarterly newsletter in December.  The aim is also to signpost you to other organisations and websites to provide a wider perspective of what is happening in terms of Palliative and End of Life Care. The newsletter can be viewed here: Palliative Care Forum Newsletter

Contact details are included if you would like to receive future editions of the newsletter.


Winter Business Resilience Planning – Flu immunisation

As we start 2018, it’s worth remembering that we still have a couple of months of winter to endure.  With this in mind, it’s still important to think about winter business continuity provision which includes ensuring staff have had their flu immunisation.  As social care staff don’t necessarily have the luxury of time off over Christmas and New Year to rest and recuperate, they may be vulnerable to picking up viruses as we plough on through winter.
Flu immunisation for social care staff

Public Health England has published guidance specifically for social care providers on flu immunisation of social care staff.

The guidance details the benefits of providing staff with flu vaccinations and how vaccination of staff has been shown to be effective in reducing disease spread and patient mortality in a care setting. It can also help to ensure people continue to receive care at home by reducing staff flu related illness and absences.

The guide can be found here:

Flu Fighter Programme

NHS Employers has been supporting NHS trusts around flu vaccinations and these can now be accessed by social care employers.

They have been co-ordinating the staff focused flu fighter programme in the NHS for 7 years. It has a range of resources and support materials for employers to use. Following discussions with the Department of Health it also now has a social care strand. The overall aim is to provide support and materials which can be used by employers to help raise the profile of the flu vaccination and increase the flu vaccination uptake with staff.

There is no cost to download free printable posters, and be recognised for any work or improvements made in this area. Through the virtual network NHS Employers have created there is also an opportunity for social care employers to connect with each other, raise any issues and look at resolving any common barriers.


Any social care employer/organisation or local council is welcome to join the flu fighter mailing list or ask for support by emailing