New Six Steps to Success End of Life Care Programme for Domiciliary Care – Apply Now!

An opportunity for your domiciliary care organisation to be part of our pilot for an exciting new programme providing free end of life care training supported by Norfolk and Suffolk Care Support. It will be delivered by Norfolk Community Health and Care and is funded by Norfolk County Council.

Following the highly successful national Route to Success in End of Life Care – achieving quality in domiciliary care guidance (National End of Life Care Programme 2011) we are delighted to inform you of the new Six Steps to Success End of Life Care Programme for Domiciliary Care which has been developed in the North West of England. It follows the Route to Success in Domiciliary Care which is underpinned by the six steps of the pathway laid out in the National End of Life Care Strategy (2008):

1. Discussions as the end of life approaches
2. Assessment, care planning and review
3. Co-ordination of care
4. Delivery of high quality care in domiciliary care
5.  Care in the last days of life
6. Care after death

Underpinning the programme is the North West End of Life Care Model (NHS North West Healthier Horizons, 2008). The model uses a whole systems approach for all adults with a life limiting disease regardless of age and setting, moving from recognition of need for end of life care, to care after death.

The Six Steps to Success Programme will:
– Provide training and support for staff to provide quality end of life care
– Develop a domiciliary care organisation representative to be a ‘champion’ for end of life care
– Support collaborative multi professional working across all settings
– Support individual wishes and preferences for their end of life care
– Support the reduction of inappropriate hospital admissions at the end of life
– Build on the good work already present in the domiciliary care organisation
– Support the development of high quality end of life care for all individuals
– Provide a focus on new skills, tools and approaches
– Aim to give increased job satisfaction and fulfillment

How does the programme work?
The programme consists of eight workshops delivered over four days to be delivered by a local educator/facilitator who will support the representative to implement the programme and build a portfolio of evidence.

Cost of the Six Steps to Success Programme
There is no cost. All we ask for is commitment from the managers and staff to support the implementation of the programme by releasing the domiciliary care representative(s) to attend the four workshop days and provide a supportive environment for the organisational change required.

Participation criteria
– Commitment of managers and colleagues to support the representative(s) to attend all eight workshops over four days
– Commitment from the domiciliary care representative to attend all sessions and complete the required actions
– Commitment from managers to sustain the Six Steps to Success Programme
– Open to all domiciliary care organisations in Norfolk with priority given to those with a continuing Health Care contract or Framework Agreement or block contract with NCC.
– Local facilitator to lead the programme

Wednesday 01/11/17 – Induction and Step One
Wednesday 29/11/17 – Steps Two and Three
Wednesday 03/01/18 – Steps Four and Five
Wednesday 31/01/18 – Step Six and Conclusion
Wednesday 28/02/18 – Portfolio-building support Steps One to Three
Wednesday 28/03/18 – Portfolio-building support Steps Four to Six

To find out more
In the first instance please contact Norfolk and Suffolk Care Support to register for the event.

Email or speak to one of the team on 01603 629211.