Launch of the Market Position Statement and New Market Intelligence Tool

Norfolk County Council have published our 2017/18 Market Position Statement.  It contains a wealth of market intelligence, including:

  • Information and insights on care needs across Norfolk
  • Strategic developments
  • Social care spending
  • Workforce data
  • Priorities for the county’s five CCGs

This year’s publication also sees the launch of our Market Intelligence Tool, a free to access online resource that gives you the ability to dig deeper into the social care market and see localised information to help you plan your organisation’s operations.

At the heart of the Market Intelligence Tool is an interactive map that allows you to explore social care needs, health and disability data, demographics, employment information and business activity on a scale that is useful to you, ranging from villages and towns up to district councils and CCGs. We have worked with providers to make this tool an invaluable planning resource, enabling you to quickly move between geographic areas and levels of detail in ways that will help you to effectively assess business opportunities. All of the information held in the tool has also been presented visually, giving you an accessible snapshot of the care market in Norfolk that will be meaningful to your organisation.

Overall, this year’s MPS is a more interactive document, containing links to a host of websites containing information that will be updated throughout the year. This is very much the direction we intend to take with future MPSs as we develop the format and begin work on co-producing next year’s document.

We will be introducing the MPS and the Market Intelligence Tool across the county at the upcoming August and September Locality Provider Forums. This will be a vital opportunity to engage in discussions around the strategies and programmes shaping the care market, the market intelligence that informs the work we all undertake, and the opportunities moving forward to raise the level of engagement and co-production in Norfolk.