Provider Portal Update: Third Phase of Testing Complete

Norfolk County Council is replacing its social care system CareFirst with the market leading system installed at over 40 local authorities, Liquidlogic. The new system is being configured and tested for Norfolk and will go live in Adult Services in November this year for homecare providers.

As we approach our go-live date we investigate and test how well the system performs in terms of compatibility and delivering the functionality we are looking for. This process is called user acceptance testing, and we have just completed round three of four.

There is more work to be done in configuring and defining certain aspects of the Portal, which we will be tackling with the input of providers, but following this recent phase of testing we can confirm that you will be able to do the following things in the new provider portal:

    • Contract Documents –This function will give providers access to download a printable version of the ISO.
    • Organisation/Service Details – Information reading address and telephone numbers to be managed by the Provider with an efficient updating mechanism.
    • Contacts – Providers will be in control of who in their establishment has access to the provider portal. Different roles can be allocated with an efficient updating mechanism.
    • Actuals –Providers will have the facility to upload actuals (home support hours or day support sessions) into the system via a bulk import function or a manual edit through a calendar function.
    • Invoices/Credit Notes – Providers will have the ability to raise their own invoices from the actuals that have been entered in the portal.
    • Scheduled Payments – Providers who receive a scheduled payment (No return of actuals) will have the ability to view CPLI’s (Care Package Line Items) before payment is made to notify Norfolk County Council of any local knowledge.
    • Actions & Change requests – This functionality will offer the Provider the ability to communicate with several Norfolk County Council teams including, the payments team, income teams, care arranging team and procurement.
    • Reports – This function will hold a version of the remittance advice that can be viewed or downloaded into an Excel document.

How can I find out more?

We will be visiting locality Provider Forums during the coming months to talk about the changes in detail. This is an opportunity to ask any questions you may have about the new systems and address any concerns.

Alternatively you can also visit our dedicated website for further information, training updates, key dates and times, and FAQ’s at

If you have any other questions, please contact James Beiley by email at