Market Intelligence Tool: Business Planning

Norfolk County Council has launched its Market Intelligence Tool, a free to access online map of social care needs, population demographics, workforce data and business activity across Norfolk. We have worked with providers to make this tool an invaluable planning resource for you, providing objective data on which business decisions can be made. It is powered by a wide array of quantitative data and presents it in ways that will be meaningful to you, using a combination of different sized geographical areas, dashboards and charts.

This tool compliments the wealth of information, insight and analysis that we already publish in the Market Position Statement, our annual account of care needs in Norfolk, the council’s investment in the market and our strategic commissioning intentions. While the Market Position Statement provides countywide data, the Market Intelligence Tool gives you the ability to dig deeper into the data and see more localised information to help you plan your organisation’s operations.

You can use the map to access localised information on loneliness, dementia, learning disability and physical disability. You can also see a breakdown of this information according to specific care needs in any given area of Norfolk. You can also select the size of an area, from CCG or District Council to much smaller regions of on average 7,200 or 1,500 people. This choice will help you drill down into more detail when business planning.

The map functionality has been designed to let you quickly move between geographic areas and levels of detail in ways that will help you to effectively assess business opportunities. Once you have selected the level of information you want to see, you can move with ease across the map with the data you see updated as soon as you click on a new area. All of the information held in the tool has also been presented visually, giving you an accessible snapshot of the care market in Norfolk.

The Market Intelligence Tool is accessible via Norfolk County Council’s website, where you will also find a user guide and FAQs section.  We will be offering demonstrations of the Market Intelligence Tool as part of the launch of this year’s Market Position Statement at the upcoming locality forums (find details about your local provider forum here).