Admission Avoidance Proposals

We have set up a new smart survey for Home Support Providers,, which aims to look at how you, as providers, monitor and record observations about your client’s health and risk factors, and what would help to support this.

This is to help inform the first stages of a pilot which will look to introduce training and support to help prevent avoidable admissions to hospital. This helps us to understand how we can build on the care provision in communities to enable more people to remain at home.

An avoidable admission is when someone is admitted to hospital with a condition that could have been treated before it came serious enough to require a visit to an acute setting.

We are specifically looking at focusing on the harm from pressure ulcers, falls, urinary catheter infections, and venous thromboembolism (VTE).

The link to the survey is below with 8 questions, many thanks for taking the time to complete this:

Please respond by Friday 1 September 2017, when the survey will close.