Winter Business Resilience Planning – Are You Prepared?

As we approach Winter we’re encouraging you, our Home Support providers, to look at your Business Continuity Plans and check that they are fit for purpose.

Business Continuity is about protecting three main areas of your business:

  • Safeguarding people
  • Safeguarding your assets
  • Safeguarding your processes

All of our home support providers are required contractually to have Business Continuity Plans to ensure you can continue to exercise critical functions in the event of an emergency, and our newer contracts allow us to ask for copies of these to be shared with us, so don’t be surprised if we ask to see your plan.

What are some of the biggest risks to my business over Winter?

You know your business best and will, through your experience, know what sort of increased pressures and risks you can expect to encounter over Winter.  We’d encourage you to carefully consider your Business Continuity Plans for the following situations:

  • Staff sickness – what would you do if an epidemic sickness hit your staff? How would you still manage to cover all of your care calls?
  • Extreme weather – what are your plans for if the roads get snowy or icy? Do you know where gritting routes are? What if a member of staff gets stuck out on a call?
  • Restricted access to premises – how would your business function if you couldn’t access your offices? What if you had a burst pipe, or the phone lines went down?

Have a look at your business continuity plans and make sure that they take in to account these situations, and any others you can think of.  Make sure your plans don’t rely on one single person, and that everyone is aware of their role in an emergency.

Where can I find help with Business Resilience and Continuity Planning?

We recommend looking at the Norfolk Resilience Forum for loads of help and advice on developing and testing your Business Continuity Plans.  The website can be found here:

We have a small number of hard copy Business Continuity Management booklets for providers which will be available at Provider Forums.

We’ll also be running a campaign on this blog to help you think about your Business Resilience and Continuity Planning arrangements, so check in with us each week, or sign up to follow the blog in the sidebar to get all of the articles sent to your email inbox!