Your Feedback on the Market Intelligence Tool

Norfolk County Council’s Market Intelligence Tool has now been live for a little over two months. It is a free to access online map of social care needs, population demographics, workforce data and business activity across Norfolk. We have worked with providers to make this tool a valuable planning resource for you, complementing the wealth of information, insight and analysis that we already publish in the Market Position Statement. We see the tool as a valuable step forward in making market intelligence easier to access, but this is just one step. As we move forward we want to hear your feedback and work with you to develop the Market Intelligence Tool as a valuable planning resource, adding additional data and functionality as we move into the second stage of its development.

Between now and the publication of next year’s Market Position Statement we will work on a series of updates to the tool. We worked with providers in the initial development of the Market Intelligence Tool, and through our engagement at the locality provider forums are already benefitting from provider feedback on the current version. We are eager for this engagement to continue, and encourage you to offer your ideas. Is there information that you would like to see added to the tool, either that you know of or that you would like for us to explore. Through using the tool you may have identified some areas for improving the functionality.

We are keen to hear as many views as we can about future development, and are eager to engage with your experiences using the tool so far, and how we can develop it further. If you have suggestions please contact Bethany Small at