Provider Portal – Online Training Videos now available

Norfolk County Council is replacing its current social care system CareFirst, with a number of new systems that will change how we interact with you and pay for the services that we commission. The most important of these systems for providers of care and support will be the Council’s new finance system ContrOCC and the Provider Portal. You will have access to the Provider Portal, which will be your window to the information held in ContrOCC, such as details of the services we have commissioned from you for individual service users. You will use the portal to upload details of the services you have delivered, submit invoices and communicate with Care Arranging and Payments teams at Norfolk County Council.

From the end of November we will be processing payments to all providers of care and support through ContrOCC, but we will only be adding providers of home support to the Provider Portal at this time. Providers working in one of the other sectors of the care market will be added to the portal in a phased approach, but have access to all of our online training and support from November to help prepare. If you would like more information introducing you to the changes please visit our website.


In preparation for when you start to use the Provider Portal we are supporting you with online training videos on our website. The first of these videos are now available, with more being added over the coming days. They cover a range of topics and will more than prepare your organisation’s employees for using the system.

These videos have been developed by Norfolk County Council to support the whole care market, and so we recommend that you use the following descriptions of the videos to select those that cover the functions of the portal that your organisation will need to make use of. There is a separate video for each of the following topics:

  • Viewing contract documents (ISOs): how to view and manage ISOs; download into a PDF document; use the agree/reject function for authorisation
  • Viewing care package line items (CPLIs – what are currently referred to as service agreements): how to view all CPLIs; download into a Excel spreadsheet displaying cost and breakdown of care
  • Adding contacts to the portal: how and why to add employees to use various functions of the Portal
  • Amending organisation and service details: how to manage contact information for your organisation and its services
  • Amending actuals (care provided) via the calendar screen: how to manually upload actuals to a service users CPLI on a weekly basis
  • Download of actuals: how to download data on a 4-weekly basis for all services into an Excel spreadsheet to manually update the actuals
  • Uploading actuals: how to upload actuals after you have downloaded the file from the Provider Portal (see above); how to upload actuals straight from your own systems
  • Creating your invoice: how to create and submit invoices for payment after uploading actuals
  • Submitting unplanned absences: how and when to create and submit a one-off claim for payment of all unplanned absences (for example hospital and respite stays)
  • Payment of block top-ups: how to create an invoice for block top up payments
  • Viewing scheduled payments: how to view a scheduled payment a few days before receiving payment and communicate amendments
  • Viewing remittance advice: how to view and download a remittance advice after payment.
  • Receiving Brokerage Service (formerly Care Arranging Service) documentation: how and when you will receive documentation such as Care Plans, Care & Support Plans and Reviews
  • Communicating with NCC teams via the portal: how and why to communicate with various Norfolk County Council teams regarding payments, care documentation and contracts

In addition to these videos we are also supporting providers in the home support market with in person training sessions in Norwich and Dereham between and 17 November. We still have spaces available, if you wish to attend please email James Beiley at with the name and email address of who would like the training and we will add them to our training booking system. From there they will be able to select a date and time. We can only guarantee one spot per organisation in the first instance.



We have already outlined the key dates you need to know to receive prompt payment and access to the Provider Portal while we move data from the old to the new systems, but to recap:

  • You will need to submit your invoices for the period of 18 September to 15 October 2017 by 30 October at the latest. We will guarantee that all correct invoices matching the ISOs we have in place received by this date will be paid no later than 8 November and you will be able to access the Provider Portal when it goes live on 22 or 23 November.
  • Any invoices for the period 18 September to 15 October 2017 that are not received by 30 October will be held by Norfolk County Council staff and processed from when ContrOCC goes live, which will be on either the 22 or 23 November. You will have to wait for those invoices to be processed and paid in the new system, delaying your access to the Provider Portal potentially up until the week beginning 27 November as we process your invoice for the period 18 September to 15 October 2017.