Provider Portal – Go Live and Support

Norfolk County Council is replacing its current social care system CareFirst, with a number of new systems that will change how we interact with you and pay for the services that we commission. The most important of these systems for providers of care and support will be the Council’s new finance system ContrOCC and the Provider Portal. You will have access to the Provider Portal, which will be your window to the information held in ContrOCC, such as details of the services we have commissioned from you for individual service users. You will use the portal to upload details of the services you have delivered, submit invoices and communicate with Care Arranging and Payments teams at Norfolk County Council.

From the end of November we will be processing payments to all providers of care and support through ContrOCC, but we will only be adding providers of home support to the Provider Portal at this time. Providers working in one of the other sectors of the care market will be added to the portal in a phased approach, but have access to all of our online training and support from November to help prepare. If you would like more information introducing you to the changes please visit our website.


With go live approaching we want to ensure you have all the information and support you need to access and make use of the Provider Portal. You already have access to in person and online training (available on Norfolk County Council’s website), and should be prepared for using the system.

Home Support providers will have access to the portal on 23 November, using the login details that you will have been sent by NCC immediately prior to go live. If you have not yet submitted the contacts form (which you received 29 September) with details for a payments and ISOs contact, you will not be able to access the portal on 22 November. If you have not yet submitted this information please complete and send the form to

When you log in you will be prompted to update the password you have been provided with and then create a six digit security code. After then you will be able to access the main menu from where you can perform the full range of available tasks. We suggest first viewing your contract documents, adding further contacts within your organisation to access the portal and amending actuals. Once you have updated the actuals you will be able to create an invoice to submit for payment.

If you still have any outstanding payments for care and support provided prior to 16 October you will need to submit them through your current method as the portal will only be set up for care and support provided after that date.

Due to the downtime of the CareFirst system towards the end of the payment Period of 16 October to 12 November you will be issued a paper copy of an ISO for all new Service Agreements. When we Go Live with the new system, these paper copy ISO’s in some cases will not be visible on the system. We advise you to upload Actuals for the Service Agreement visible and we will endeavour to have all Service Agreements created in downtime to be on the system by the next pay period, in which you will be able to upload Actuals to. The Paper copy of the ISO that you have received during downtime will be replaced in the new system.

If you are providing a Package of Care where you have not received a paper copy of the ISO and it is not visible on the system, then you will need to create a Conversation in the Portal and send the details through to the Service brokerage Team who will investigate.

We envision the Provider Portal will receive a lot of traffic immediately after go live. If you experience initial instability with the system You can report this and any other issues you experience to us on our Payments Team 01603 495702 and select Option 1. If we experience any widespread issues with the Provider Portal we will communicate with you by email about them and the steps we are taking to resolve them.