Winter Planning for Home Support

Our vision for Norfolk is to have sufficient, reliable, sustainable home support that is of excellent quality.

Over the winter cold temperatures and pressures in the health and social care system can often result in people failing to get the care they need when they are discharged from hospital – this has a detrimental impact on people’s health and is distressing for families and individuals.

All businesses should have measures in place to manage the pressures experienced over the winter period and such resilience steps are outlined in information which can be accessed via the following link:

NCC has been working closely with home support providers to try and ensure that Norfolk has the home support provision it needs over the winter period – as a result of this work we have identified that paying home support providers a premium for picking up new care packages over this pressured time would support both the people coming out of hospitals and those carers who are providing care.

We understand the difficulties of operating as a care provider or working as a carer during the winter holiday period and want to recognise that by offering a financial premium.

To find out more about how this will work and when this premium will be paid, please see our page here: