Banded Pricing for Home Support Framework Providers in the Central Belt from 9 April 2018

As reported in previous articles, Norfolk County Council Adult Social Care Committee approved the proposed prices for a range of care services including home support at its meeting on 15 January 2018. The prices will come into effect on 9 April 2018 and will apply for the 2018/19 financial year. An additional £2.1m will be invested for 2018/19 to pay for the additional cost of implementing the banded pricing.

The new spot price for home support will rise from £17.08 to £17.28 an hour. Block contract rates remain individually negotiated and agreed. In the Central Belt (Norwich, South Norfolk and North Norfolk CGG areas) a new banded pricing will be introduced for Framework Providers. The three bands in the model are based on travel distance from town and large village centres (GP surgeries have been used as the centre point) where population is highest and travel distance between visits therefore can be expected to be shorter than in the more rural and sparsely populated areas.

The bands are:

Bands Band 1 (0-3miles) Band 2 (3-6 miles) Band 3 (6 miles +)
Rates 2018/19 £17.40 £19.68 £21.72

Band Price Map

*Please note that currently the banded pricing will only apply across the Central Belt although the map shows the whole of the county.

The purpose of setting up a Provider Framework and trialling a banded pricing structure is to:

  • stabilise and consolidate the home support market
  • pay a fair price to providers
  • reduce unmet need
  • support the creation of effective and efficient home support rounds through greater collaboration between providers
  • encourage more flexible and responsive services that focus on maximising independence

In order to promote and incentivise these changes the Home Support Framework prices have been set at a level above the NCC spot price and divided into cost bands which reflect the higher cost of services in less densely populated areas. In preparing the model and setting the bands the Council worked with Home Support Framework Providers and Norfolk Independent Home Care Group (NIHCG) during last year.

We estimate that the average hourly rate for Framework providers, based on the new model, will be about £18.12 an hour. This is one of the highest levels in the East of England and higher than the UKHCA average price for home care for 2018/19. Commissioners will carefully monitor the effectiveness of the Framework and banded pricing approach throughout 2018/19.

As a reminder, the list of Framework providers:

North Norfolk:

  • Allicare
  • Carewatch
  • Compkey Healthcare
  • Extra Care Home Services
  • Interserve Healthcare
  • Leaf Care Services
  • NR Care
  • Taylor Care

Norwich and South Norfolk:

  • All Hallows Homecare
  • Allicare
  • Allied Healthcare
  • Carers Trust
  • Carewatch
  • Compkey Healthcare
  • Diamond Resourcing (Better Health Care)
  • First Choice Homecare
  • Focus Caring Services Purely Care
  • Hales Group Limited
  • Independence Matters
  • Interserve Healthcare
  • Leaf Care Services
  • Manor Court Care
  • Mears Care
  • Nightingale Homecare
  • NR Care
  • Riseup Healthcare
  • Sunrise Health Care
  • Westminster Homecare

Price band identification tool

In addition to the map above, a price band identification tool has been created which can identify which banding any address or place in Norfolk will fall under. The tool is available here. Please follow the instructions provided on how to use the tool from the first screen. The tool has its own tab on the Home Support Blog menu. Please share the link to the tool.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact Hanne Lene Schierff, Integrated Commissioning Manager – Central Team, at or on 01603 223082.