NSAB Survey on Adults Safeguarding: are we doing enough?

A survey to understand safeguarding concerns in Norfolk is to be launched on Monday 11 June.  The independent Norfolk Adult Safeguarding Board, which is made up of agencies working together to tackle abuse, want to hear from as many people as possible to get a clear picture of how best to protect vulnerable adults.

Joan Maughan, independent chair of the Safeguarding Adults Board, said: “This is a great opportunity to really find out how people and organisations recognise all the different types of abuse and neglect that can happen to any vulnerable adult from any background. It is crucial that we regularly review how we provide safeguarding services to ensure we support and protect vulnerable adults effectively.”

The ‘Keeping Adults Safe from Abuse and Neglect’ survey is anonymous.  No one will be identified by their answers and participation is voluntary. Participants can skip questions or opt out entirely.

The 2016-17 annual report shows that:

The type of abuse remains largely the same as previous years, with physical abuse the most common type across both genders, as well as being more common against men than women.

There was an increase in the proportion of suspected sexual abuse for both genders from 2015-16, currently representing 13% of the abuse against women. The proportion of financial or material abuse decreased for both genders, along with decreases in domestic violence and discriminatory abuse.

In 2016 an adults safeguarding survey of 752 people showed that, if they had witnessed any kind of adult abuse and were prepared to report it:

  • 77% would contact the Police
  • 17% would contact Norfolk Safeguarding Adults Board
  • 57% would contact Norfolk County Council
  • 05% would tell a carer/support worker
  • 66% would tell a friend or family member

However, another 123 people would not have reported a form of abuse that they had personally witnessed with 53% declaring that they would not have known where to report the incident.

This follow-up survey will help to inform the Norfolk Safeguarding Board whether people in Norfolk have an increased understanding and whether previous campaigns have resonated with the public.

The link to the survey can be accessed on the home page of the Norfolk Adult Safeguarding Board: here.

Link for survey here.

The closing date is Monday 9 July at 5pm.


Flyers for the survey are available as a poster and postcards.


Adult abuse or neglect can happen to any vulnerable adult from any background.  It can happen anywhere and be carried out by anyone.

If anyone is concerned about a vulnerable adult, they should contact Norfolk County Council on 0344 800 8020 or the police on 101.  In an emergency, you should always ring 999.


Norfolk Adults Safeguarding Board

Safeguarding is preventing the physical, emotional, sexual, psychological and financial abuse of adults who have care and support needs, and acting quickly when abuse is suspected. It can also include neglect, domestic violence, modern slavery, organisational or discriminatory abuse.

Adult Social Services is the lead organisation in preventing and identifying possible abuse, and as part of this work it hosts Norfolk’s Safeguarding Adults Board.

For more information about the board, please click here.