Introduction of Banded Pricing for the Home Support Framework Providers

Banded pricing will be introduced for all Home Support packages with Home Support Framework Providers in North Norfolk, Norwich and South Norfolk with effect from 1 April 2018.

The rates below are based on this year’s prices and will be subject to an inflationary uplift, which will be discussed at the next Adult Social Care Committee in January 2018.

Band 1 £16.68
Band 2 £18.72
Band 3 £20.76

Please see below for details of how the banded rates will be applied (Band 1 being the darkest shade and Band 3 being the lightest). Although the map shows how banding would work in the West and the East, this will not be implemented until framework agreements are put in place.

There is a further piece of work to identify which band will apply to individual cases. You will be notified of how it affects your individual packages in due course.

A series of FAQs are available here:

A press release from Norfolk County Council can be viewed here:





Accredited versus Framework Provider – definitions

Some confusion seems to have arisen around the difference between the Home Support Framework and the Accredited Provider list and the following guide will hopefully clarify some of the differences.

In Norfolk we’ve traditionally grouped our home support providers into two different sets: block providers, who hold contracts with Norfolk County Council to offer a guaranteed number of home support hours in a specific geographical area; and spot providers, who take on home support packages of care on a case by case basis when the block provider is unable to do so.

As we move forward to a new style of procuring services in Norfolk, you will start to hear us talk about Accredited and Framework providers, but what’s the difference and how do you know which one you are?

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