New Provider Portal for Finance and Payments – ContrOCC

Norfolk County Council is replacing its social care system – CareFirst – with the market leading system installed at over 40 local authorities – Liquidlogic. The new system is being configured and tested for Norfolk and will go live in Adult Services in November this year. The Children’s Services system will be implemented in March 2018.

To support the Liquidlogic system, there is a new Finance system – ContrOCC – which underpins and fully integrates with the Liquidlogic system. We want to move towards electronic communication with our suppliers through the “Provider Portal” which automatically feeds into ContrOCC.

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Framework Dialogue Sessions – a follow up to your request

At the June Independent Provider Meeting a request was made to commissioners to set up some further dialogue sessions.  These dialogue sessions would have the purpose of dealing with queries which have arisen from the implementation of the framework.

So that we can determine the best way to set these sessions up for all concerned, if you wish to raise questions please email Bethany Small at

a) with the names of any attendees, the area you operate in and your confirmed contact details
b) an outline of the questions you want to raise so that we can prepare and provide any relevant data to support the discussion and understanding

We would welcome hearing from those interested by close of play on 28 June 2017.