Introduction of Banded Pricing for the Home Support Framework Providers

Banded pricing will be introduced for all Home Support packages with Home Support Framework Providers in North Norfolk, Norwich and South Norfolk with effect from 1 April 2018.

The rates below are based on this year’s prices and will be subject to an inflationary uplift, which will be discussed at the next Adult Social Care Committee in January 2018.

Band 1 £16.68
Band 2 £18.72
Band 3 £20.76

Please see below for details of how the banded rates will be applied (Band 1 being the darkest shade and Band 3 being the lightest). Although the map shows how banding would work in the West and the East, this will not be implemented until framework agreements are put in place.

There is a further piece of work to identify which band will apply to individual cases. You will be notified of how it affects your individual packages in due course.

A series of FAQs are available here:

A press release from Norfolk County Council can be viewed here:





Where to Find Out About Our New Social Care System and Provider Portal

We are replacing our CareFirst social care system with Liquidlogic, a market leading system installed in over forty local authorities. The new system is due to go live in November this year for home support providers, followed by the rest of the social care market in 2018.

As we approach go live we are working with providers on the system’s functionality and the training that we will offer to support you making the transition between systems. We are also eager to ensure that you receive regular updates about the system and can find answers to any questions that you have concerning how the new system will affect you and your organisation.

We have created a dedicated area on the Norfolk County Council website for our new social care system:

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Admission Avoidance Proposals

We have set up a new smart survey for Home Support Providers,, which aims to look at how you, as providers, monitor and record observations about your client’s health and risk factors, and what would help to support this.

This is to help inform the first stages of a pilot which will look to introduce training and support to help prevent avoidable admissions to hospital. This helps us to understand how we can build on the care provision in communities to enable more people to remain at home.

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Raising the Level of Engagement in the Norfolk Care Market

Over the coming months Norfolk County Council will be stepping up its market engagement to address a number of key issues raised by providers. There are various ways that you can get involved in this work and contribute to raising the level of engagement in the Norfolk adult care market.

If you wish register your interest in taking an active role in our market engagement work, please contact Don Leggett at

In late 2016 the council held three provider engagement workshops to start a conversation about raising the level of engagement with the social care market. At the core of this conversation was a recognition that more work is needed in Norfolk to realise the market shaping expectations laid down in the Care Act, promote co-productive work between the council and providers, and improve the culture of engagement across the county. In order to take substantial steps along this path the providers who contributed to these workshops identified 36 action recommendations – you can find these, along with a summary of the discussions at these workshops, in a published journal available via the Norfolk Adult Social Services website.

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Provider Portal Update: Third Phase of Testing Complete

Norfolk County Council is replacing its social care system CareFirst with the market leading system installed at over 40 local authorities, Liquidlogic. The new system is being configured and tested for Norfolk and will go live in Adult Services in November this year for homecare providers.

As we approach our go-live date we investigate and test how well the system performs in terms of compatibility and delivering the functionality we are looking for. This process is called user acceptance testing, and we have just completed round three of four.

There is more work to be done in configuring and defining certain aspects of the Portal, which we will be tackling with the input of providers, but following this recent phase of testing we can confirm that you will be able to do the following things in the new provider portal:

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Supporting Unpaid Carers in Norfolk Newsletter

It’s been a busy few months but we are now able to issue the latest edition of the Supporting Unpaid Carers in Norfolk Newsletter, where you will find details of:

  1. The outcome of the tender to provide innovative services to support people who are unpaid carers in Norfolk
  2. Further information about the launch of Carer UK Norfolk
  3. Articles from Norfolk Carers Support’s photographic display at the NNUHT
  4. An FAQ to support people to understand changes to the carer support service

The newsletter can be accessed here.

It’s important this reaches as many people as possible so please circulate across your networks. As always, if you have further comments or feedback, please do get in touch with Caroline Cunningham-Brown, Commissioning Manager – North Norfolk, on 01263 738123 or at



Launch of the Market Position Statement and New Market Intelligence Tool

Norfolk County Council have published our 2017/18 Market Position Statement.  It contains a wealth of market intelligence, including:

  • Information and insights on care needs across Norfolk
  • Strategic developments
  • Social care spending
  • Workforce data
  • Priorities for the county’s five CCGs

This year’s publication also sees the launch of our Market Intelligence Tool, a free to access online resource that gives you the ability to dig deeper into the social care market and see localised information to help you plan your organisation’s operations.

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