Norfolk and Waveney Dying Matters Awareness Event – Tuesday 15th May

The Lord Lieutenant’s Palliative Care Forum and Macmillan are co-hosting The Norfolk and Waveney Dying Matters Awareness Event.

The event is on Tuesday 15th May 10:00 am – 2:00pm at The Forum, Millennium Plain, Norwich.

The agenda is available here: Dying Matters Awareness Event Agenda.

As in previous years, a number of stall holders have been invited who will be able to engage with members of the public together with representatives from statutory, voluntary and third sector organisations to provide a wealth of information.  In addition, there will be a number of speakers who will talk about their involvement in providing help and support to those needing end of life and palliative care.


The event is open to all.  If you or a colleague would like to attend the presentations please can you email Chris MacDonald from the Lord Lieutenant’s Palliative Forum at to reserve your place.

Norfolk County Council: Extension of Capacity Incentives

Norfolk County Council – Easter Planning for Home Support

February 2018

Our vision for Norfolk is to have sufficient, reliable, sustainable home support that is of excellent quality.

Busy periods and holidays create pressure and strain on the health and social care system which can often result in people failing to get the care they need when they are discharged from hospital – this has a detrimental impact on people’s health and is distressing for families and individuals.

NCC has been working closely with home support providers to try and ensure that Norfolk has the home support provision it needs over busy periods – as a result of this work, we have identified that paying home support providers a premium for picking up new or resuming care packages from the hospitals for people being discharged over pressured times, would support both the people coming out of hospital and those who are providing the care.

How will this work?

New or restarted packages requested for people being discharged from hospital during designated periods (see Table 1 below) will attract a one off Capacity Incentive payment.  You may use this to increase payments to your carers and to support the operation of your service.


Table 1 – Designated Periods for Capacity Incentives

Situation Specific trigger details
The end of the winter period and Easter Friday 16th February 2018 – Friday 6th April 2018 inclusive
**This has been extended to 20th April 2018**
Significant pressures on the health system


This may include but not be limited to:

·         Severe weather conditions

·         Unexpected staff absence

·         Market failure


NCC will notify accredited home support providers as dates become known, dates will also be listed on NCC’s Keeping People Well at Home blog:


*Norfolk County Council reserves the right to determine when the factors impacting on discharge attributed to Social Care will trigger the Capacity Incentive.


What sort of care provision will count?

Only home support packages for people being discharged from hospital currently attract these premiums. They will apply to ALL new or restarted home support care packages notified and started as outlined in Table 2 below.

Table 2 – How and How Much?

Sector Capacity Incentive Detail
Home Support –

Single worker packages

Commence care within 12hrs* of request (Care Arranging Service) £130

Commence care within 24hrs* of request (Care Arranging Service) £95

Commence care within 24-48hrs* of request (Care Arranging Service) £60


Home Support – Double worker packages Commence care within 12hrs* of request (Care Arranging Service) £195

Commence care within 24hrs* of request (Care Arranging Service) £142.50

Commence care within 24-48hrs* of request (Care Arranging Service) £90


*The time frame used to determine the incentive will be measured from a) the time of the request made for care (Care Arranging Service) to b) the first scheduled/delivered call time.

*Restarted packages will only attract the payment if a retainer payment, allowed for in some contracts, has not been made for the length of the hospital stay.

Norfolk County Council will use the contractual clauses and processes already in existence to monitor care delivered in a timely and high quality manner.

Who can receive this incentive?

All home support providers on NCC’s accredited provider list can receive these payments.

When this will apply?

Capacity Incentive payments will apply during the periods indicated in Table 1. However Capacity Incentive payments will also be implemented when circumstances mean that home support providers and hospitals are under particular pressure.

For example – did you know for every 1 degree drop below 5oC there is:

  • 10% increase in elderly with breathing problems peaking on day 12
  • 8% increase in emergency admissions – 3.4% die
  • Heart attacks 40% rise
  • Stroke increase at day 5

All of these factors will increase demand on the health system and home support. NCC is committed to supporting our care providers to meet that demand.


How will I know if a day is designated as an incentive day?

Other than the periods indicated in Table 1 NCC will notify providers through email and on our website here:

Please contact us at if you have any questions.

Right to review:

Norfolk County Council reserves the right to review and amend this at any time.

Dementia Fayre at the NNUH – 14 May 2018

The Norfolk and Norwich University Hospital (NNUH) is delighted to be hosting a ‘Living well with Dementia’ information fayre on Monday 14 May 2018.

The event, which will be held in the East Atrium on the main hospital site, will be a chance for those living with dementia and their families and carers to see just how much dementia support is available in Norfolk and to receive advice on how to live well with dementia. The information stands will be starting at 10.00am, with the talks for the public running alongside from 11.30am.

You can see the event poster here: NNUH Dementia Information Fayre 2018 or contact the NNUH at:

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Warning: Fraud alert

Notice of fraud

A Service provider in Suffolk has notified Suffolk County Council of a scam.  A family member of one of the provider’s customers was recently contacted and advised that their provider had been taken over by a larger company.  They were asked to submit their bank details and send them off to this new larger company. The original provider advised the family that this was untrue and advised them to contact their bank and speak to the fraud department.

If you have any calls from worried customers (we are only aware of one letter) then please can you advise them that this is a scam and ask them not to provide any personal information or complete any paperwork to any new company.

Banded Pricing for Home Support Framework Providers in the Central Belt from 9 April 2018

As reported in previous articles, Norfolk County Council Adult Social Care Committee approved the proposed prices for a range of care services including home support at its meeting on 15 January 2018. The prices will come into effect on 9 April 2018 and will apply for the 2018/19 financial year. An additional £2.1m will be invested for 2018/19 to pay for the additional cost of implementing the banded pricing.

The new spot price for home support will rise from £17.08 to £17.28 an hour. Block contract rates remain individually negotiated and agreed. In the Central Belt (Norwich, South Norfolk and North Norfolk CGG areas) a new banded pricing will be introduced for Framework Providers. The three bands in the model are based on travel distance from town and large village centres (GP surgeries have been used as the centre point) where population is highest and travel distance between visits therefore can be expected to be shorter than in the more rural and sparsely populated areas.

The bands are:

Bands Band 1 (0-3miles) Band 2 (3-6 miles) Band 3 (6 miles +)
Rates 2018/19 £17.40 £19.68 £21.72

Band Price Map

*Please note that currently the banded pricing will only apply across the Central Belt although the map shows the whole of the county. Continue reading

Train the Trainer – Safeguarding Awareness

Norfolk Safeguarding Adults Board in partnership with KP Social Care Training Ltd

Presents ‘Train the Trainer Safeguarding Awareness’

The aim of the session is to train staff to deliver safeguarding awareness training to staff and volunteers in their own organisation. Participants will be provided with a set of training materials that they can use back in the workplace including: handouts, exercises, quizzes, case studies, power point presentations and link to a safeguarding awareness film. The pack contents cover all the materials for a half day or full day awareness session and a ninety minute update session.

The dates are: Continue reading

Free Fire Risk Training

You may recall that Andrea Borwell, Quality Assurance Officer – Domiciliary Care, has been talking about Fire Risk Training with the Fire and Rescue Service for some while, looking at training for care staff on identifying and reporting potential hazards. Training which would encompass two distinct strands has been identified and the training offer has now been agreed. The first course is designed for Assessors who undertake the initial assessment and set up of packages of care in the community and the second for Care/Support Workers who provide ongoing support to individuals in their own homes.

The agreed dates and venues for the roll out of both of these courses, which will be delivered by Gosia Zielinska of the Fire and Rescue Service, are listed below.  A very big thank you to those providers who have kindly agreed to loan their training rooms for these sessions.

Dates for additional Fire Risk Assessor and Carer courses will be available later in the year at other venues in the County and these will be circulated as soon as they are confirmed. Continue reading