The Market Position Statement is your best source of information on how the Council is shaping Adult Social Care in Norfolk

As you know, Norfolk County Council has published its 2018-19 Market Position Statement (MPS). This is a summary of the Norfolk Social Care market as it currently stands and how the Council intends to shape it to meet people’s needs in the future.

The MPS sets out the Council’s Promoting Independence Strategy to support people to be independent, resilient and well by shifting the focus towards strengthening prevention and early help and supporting people to stay independent for longer and enabling people to live at home with complex needs.  

At the heart of the Strategy is Living Well, the Council’s strengths-based approach to Social Work. Living Well has been built up from small innovation sites since September 2018 which were designed and implemented by front-line Social Care teams. Using feedback and learning from these sites the Council is currently agreeing an optimum approach which will be rolled out across Norfolk in 2019.

In the MPS you will also find information about a range of other projects that are delivering the Promoting Independence Strategy. This includes the provision of information and advice to Norfolk’s residents, place shaping and social prescribing work that is helping people to remain active, get support and tackle loneliness within their communities. You can also read about how the Council is looking to use Assistive Technology (AT) as well as its recently launched Extra Care Housing programme.

There is a wealth of market intelligence in this year’s MPS, making it your best source of information providing insights on care needs across Norfolk, strategic developments, Social Care spending and the workforce. 

Download the Market Position Statement from



EU Settlement Scheme

EU Settlement Advice and GuidanceSome of your staff may be interested to hear that Norfolk Citizens Advice is running an information service on the new EU Settlement Scheme (EUSS).  They have teamed up with Norfolk Community Law Service in order to offer help and advice to individuals from other EU countries, employers, businesses, students and/or family members. They can also offer information on travel, work and study in the EU and on current EU programmes (which will continue to run until the end of the ‘transition period’). If you require some help you can contact them directly and they will also arrange briefings and Q/A sessions for groups of individuals, employees, for employers, student groups etc. Attached is a description of their services and information on EUSS. The latest can be found on their website at and the December newsletter will be available soon at



Are your staff road ready for winter weather?

As part of recent blog posts we’ve highlighted the need to plan for business continuity over winter.  If any of your staff do break down in their cars, do you know whether they have the right kit to ensure they are safe and they are able to support the people they care for?

The following are considered Year-round essentials:

  • A fully charged mobile phone and in car charger.
  • Hi-viz bib
  • Road map – in case of diversions
  • First aid kit
  • Water & non-perishable food
  • Loose change
  • Umbrella or water proof
  • Breakdown service and insurance company contact details
  • Hazard triangle.

In Winter, it’s worth staff keeping these items in their vehicle too:

  • A coat, hat, scarf, gloves and extra warm clothing
  • A spare pair of shoes or boots
  • Shovel
  • Ice scraper and de-icer
  • Torch and batteries
  • Extra snacks (chocolate or cereal bars)
  • Extra screenwash.

When the forecast is for severe weather and your staff still have to be out, then it’s good to consider them packing these items too:

  • Blanket or sleeping bag
  • A flask of hot drink

Useful information, which can be shared with your staff can be found via:  Which? How to drive in snow

ROPA – How to drive in snow

Norfolk County Council can also provide assistance to organisations to ensure that you are compliant with H&S legislation and that drivers are operating in the safest possible way. Further details of the support available can be found at:




Winter Planning – Local gritting routes

A couple of weeks ago we let you know about local gritting routes.  The three hour gritting runs cover 2,200 miles of roads in Norfolk, covering commuter and major bus routes and, as far as possible, one route into all villages.  You can find local gritting routes by clicking on this link: Gritting routes for Norfolk.  Gritting plans are also shared via local radio and Facebook.

It is starting to get colder, so to find out about specific weather and road information you can also check out the Council’s latest news section by clicking on this link: Norfolk County Council Twitter feed.

Ensure Business Resilience at winter time by:

  • Having a Continuity Plan
  • Testing it works
  • Keeping it up-to-date
  • Ensuring those who need to know about your plan do, and they know how to use it too.

New – Age UK Guide

Keeping Winter Wrapped Up is a new guide published by Age UK.

Every year their Winter Wrapped Up guides are delivered to thousands of people across the UK, to help them prepare for winter and avoid the health risks associated with cold weather.

If you know someone who may benefit from their Winter Wrapped Up guide, you can request a free copy by calling 0800 169 65 65.

You can also find the information online by visiting

hopefully final ag uk winter wrapped up

Winter Planning – Managing Client Expectations

Norfolk County Council have received feedback around how we can support home support providers during inclement weather. As a result, NCC have written the attached letter which is designed to be a joint communication to service users from us and your organisation to manage expectations throughout winter.

To use this communication, you must complete the following:

  • Add your company logo in the top right
  • Complete the text highlighted in red with the appropriate details

No other amendments are to be made to this letter which can by downloaded via this link:  Winter Communications letter template 26.11.18.